Treasure Valley Junk Removal Services

The junk removal business you can rely on is Treasure Valley Disposal! We are a locally owned and operated business that just wants to haul away your junk. That way, you can live a clean and clutter-free life!


Need junk removal somewhere in the Treasure Valley? We understand that it can be difficult to haul your own junk off your property and to a proper disposal site. It takes time, and it takes energy, too. Sometimes, you just don’t have that time or energy… sometimes, you need a helping hand. Well, great news. You can find that helping hand at Treasure Valley Disposal, your local solution to any and all clutter.

Based in Boise, Idaho, we are ready to start cleaning up for our clients Monday through Saturday because there are just so many reasons that junk piles up. Household items collect in our basements. Commercial junk accumulates in our warehouses. You may even need to clear out an entire property because of a foreclosure. No matter the occasion, we’re the end-all solution to all your junk problems. Don’t wait to give us a call!

Why Our Junk Removal Business?

There are so many junk removal companies out there, so why choose Treasure Valley Disposal, a local business? The real reason why to choose us is exactly that: because we’re local! You see, the franchise-based competitors will rack up a bigger bill because they have expensive franchise fees to pay for. We don’t have the same expenses, and we’re happy to give you a better deal on the services you need in return. Score some savings by choosing us!

However, saving money won’t mean anything if we don’t do a good job. Fortunately, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best. We’ve taken on many junk hauling projects in the past, resulting in our team becoming very experienced and very seasoned professionals. Needless to say, we can get the work done, even if heavy items like appliances and furniture are involved. You can save time with us, too! Just ask about our same-day junk removal if you need our help ASAP.

If you are dealing with any sort of junk, and you don’t want to remove it on your own, then it’s time you had a talk with our team. Ready to start with us? If so, book an appointment by contacting us online. Or give us a call at 208-994-0177. Either way, we’ll have you on our schedule in no time!

How Our Junk Haul Away Service Works

  1. You should be able to know exactly when to expect our arrival. That’s why we’ll give you a courtesy call when we’re on our way. That way, you aren’t left scratching your head!
  2. Once we have arrived, let us take a look at everything you need us to haul away. We will estimate the volume of it all and determine the cost of our services ASAP.
  3. Approve our upfront quote, and our team will haul away the junk with no further questions. We work quickly to load it onto our truck so you can be junk-free fast.
  4. At the end of the day, what happens to all the junk? We will donate any gently used belongings before recycling and disposing of the rest.

Couch Removal Services

Looking to get rid of a bulky sofa in your living room? Couches are cushiony and comfortable until, one day, they suddenly aren’t. Maybe a spring burst through the seat, or perhaps the entire sofa became lopsided. You may just not want the old ugly thing anymore for no particular reason other than that you don’t like the way it looks! You probably wish you could lift the sofa up and remove it on your own, but that’s just not feasible. Need assistance? Then call on Treasure Valley Disposal for help!

All you have to do is point us towards the sofa. Then, we’ll lift it up and take it away. Since our team has several junk hauling experts, there’s no doubt that we’ll be able to carry the couch away. We’ll also be sure to take extra caution because you wouldn’t want us to accidentally bash the sofa against the wall, or even worse, drop it! Don’t worry—we’re not a bunch of butterfingers. We’ll keep a tight grip!

About Us

Junk removal can mean a lot of different things. They can mean hauling away furniture and appliances. it can mean bagging up garbage that has blown into your yard. In fact, it can even mean knocking down an old shed and cleaning up the waste! Above all else, know that when you need junk removal of any kind, Treasure Valley Disposal is here to help. We are a team of friendly junk haulers that loves the community and wants to keep it welcoming. Nothing says welcoming quite like cleanliness, so when you’ve got junk, let us take it away for a fair and affordable price!

Junk We Take

Bagged Trash
Scrap Metal
Old Decorations

Our Service Areas


  • review rating

    Talked with Nicholas and received a quote for what was needed. We were on a very short time frame, closing on a house, and Nicholas showed up as promised. Although short handed, he worked alone to make certain our family was taken care of. Invoice even came in better than expected. Great efficiency when it was really needed!

    Trini DeMarco
  • review rating

    I had some items I needed removed and they were very helpful in getting them out of my house. They were on time, professional, kind and helped break down items to be removed. Quick and easy process. Highly recommend you won’t be disappointed!

    Martha Dalton
  • review rating

    Talked to Nicholas about taking a Queen mattress and box spring from my mother’s assisted living facility. Got it done same day. Relived me from finding a truck, buying gas and landfill charges. Very happy with the service I received.

    Kelly Stone
  • review rating

    Treasure Valley Disposal was all around amazing! They were clear and up front with what they could offer, great at communicating, had the fastest response and the best price by far for disposal rentals in the Boise area. I would recommend them to anyone, I am so impressed with the experience! Extra thanks to Jay for finding a way to make things work even better than I had hoped for. Thanks TVD!

    Baraba B
  • review rating

    They absolutely get the job done and step in full force. My clients and I were extremely satisfied with their services. Highly recommended!!

    Daniela “Dani Beckhauser Baker” Baker

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