Dumpster Rentals in Nampa, ID

Need someplace to dump your junk? Nampa dumpster rentals are available now from Treasure Valley Disposal!


For all of you DIYers in need of a dumpster rental in Nampa, calling Treasure Valley Disposal is a convenient way to get rid of the junk your personal projects generate. Whether you’re cleaning out a hoarder house, tidying up construction waste, or sorting through yard debris, you can always contact us when you need somewhere to dispose of the remaining debris. Our crew will be happy to swing by your site in Nampa and deliver a roll-off dumpster that you can fill to your heart’s content.

Why Us for Dumpster Rentals in Nampa

Getting a dumpster rental in Nampa is a great choice when you don’t mind the work involved in do-it-yourself junk removal but need a place to dump all the stuff you collect. The good thing about picking Treasure Valley Disposal is that we offer fair, affordable dumpster rental prices to our customers. What you pay is based on two factors: the size of the dumpster you choose and the period of time you hold on to the dumpster for. We provide dumpsters as small as five cubic yards and as large as twenty cubic yards!

Quick and Easy Delivery and Removal

Dumpsters are great for a variety of different reasons. For example, with our residential dumpster rental, we can park the dumpster in your backyard so you can load it up with household junk such as trash, furniture, carpets, and electronics. On the other hand, if you need a commercial dumpster, you’ll find our dumpsters are great for that, too! Nampa is home to many neighborhoods and commercial areas, and we aim to serve them all!

Want us to drop off a dumpster for you? Arranging a dumpster rental in Nampa is a simple process, and there are two ways to get started. First, you can contact us online or you can give us a call at 208-994-0177.Just let us know where we can meet you, and we’ll be there with a dumpster!

Our Nampa Dumpster Rental Process

  1. First, let us know where you are located so we can deliver the dumpster to you. When we are on our way, we will give you a courtesy call so you know to keep an eye out for us.
  2. Come outside and let us know where we can put the dumpster. We will put it down carefully so we don’t leave any unsightly marks on your driveway or landscape.
  3. Fill up the dumpster at whatever pace you’d like! The nice thing about dumpster rental in Nampa is that you can work at a speed that best suits you.
  4. Finally, let us know when you’re done with the dumpster. We’ll return and handle the disposal process for you. This means you don’t have to take your junk to a disposal site.

Construction Dumpster Rental in Nampa

After a big construction, renovation, or remodeling job, you might find yourself with a new job—cleaning up a bunch of construction debris. Fortunately, you’ll have an accessible place to put that debris thanks to our roll-off dumpsters. So put on a pair of gloves and fill up that dumpster as you see fit! There are many kinds of construction waste items we can dispose of for you, including bricks, lumber, scrap metal, insulation, glass, doors, and windows. You can throw most items in our rental dumpster excluding:

  • Tires
  • Biological Risks
  • Car Batteries
  • Paint Cans
  • Flammable Waste
  • Freon

About Treasure Valley Disposal

Treasure Valley Disposal is committed to providing you with friendly, convenient service, and this extends to our dumpster rental services as well. We’ll be there on time with your dumpster, and we’ll place it wherever you want it with a smile. Hold on to it for as long as necessary. When you’re done with it, our crew will be back to dispose of its contents. We won’t hassle you, and we’ll always offer you fair prices. You’re a member of our community, and that’s why we’ll treat you like our neighbor!

What You Can Put in Our Dumpsters

Construction Debris
Scrap Metal
Yard Debris
Household Junk
Wooden Furniture
Demolition Debris
Washer and Dryers
Clothes & Toys
And More

Our Service Areas


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    Talked with Nicholas and received a quote for what was needed. We were on a very short time frame, closing on a house, and Nicholas showed up as promised. Although short handed, he worked alone to make certain our family was taken care of. Invoice even came in better than expected. Great efficiency when it was really needed!

    Trini DeMarco
  • review rating

    I had some items I needed removed and they were very helpful in getting them out of my house. They were on time, professional, kind and helped break down items to be removed. Quick and easy process. Highly recommend you won’t be disappointed!

    Martha Dalton
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    Talked to Nicholas about taking a Queen mattress and box spring from my mother’s assisted living facility. Got it done same day. Relived me from finding a truck, buying gas and landfill charges. Very happy with the service I received.

    Kelly Stone
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    Treasure Valley Disposal was all around amazing! They were clear and up front with what they could offer, great at communicating, had the fastest response and the best price by far for disposal rentals in the Boise area. I would recommend them to anyone, I am so impressed with the experience! Extra thanks to Jay for finding a way to make things work even better than I had hoped for. Thanks TVD!

    Baraba B
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    They absolutely get the job done and step in full force. My clients and I were extremely satisfied with their services. Highly recommended!!

    Daniela “Dani Beckhauser Baker” Baker


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